by Sharon Wright
on 23 September 2014
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Founder of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries, Helen Ukpabio, has reportedly sued two  UK human rights groups,  British Humanist Association (BHA) and the Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) for libel at N130 billion.Helen Ukpabio, a born-again Christian preacher is  known for "deliverance sessions" to free children and adults from being possessed

on 22 September 2014
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The number of deaths in Nigeria's church hostel collapse has risen to 115, including 84 South Africans, a South African minister has said. The worshippers were attending a gathering by Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua when a building collapsed in Lagos 10 days ago. Meanwhile, 25 survivors have returned to South Africa, where they will receive further medical care.

by Jason Lamb
on 22 September 2014
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As much as we might like to deny it, we—other pastors and Christians—love a success. We want to be a success and we want to be surrounded by successful people.

by Louise Arnold
on 19 September 2014
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We must rise to action in the defense of Israel! We must vote, demonstrate and lift our voices in the press!” American preacher Dr. Robert Stearns urged 5,000 Christian pilgrims from 80 different countries filling the seats of Jerusalem’s new Pais Arena on Tuesday evening for a spectacular show celebrating their unshakable bond with Israel.

by Sierra Parker
on 17 September 2014
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Three pastors in Iran are facing charges that could lead to the death penalty for activities in the house-church movement in an unprecedented crackdown on converts from Islam, according to human rights groups.